On this page you will find links to resources that are photography related, fashion related, or links to individuals I feel are doing something positive with their time, talents, and resources. If you feel someone or something is left out from this page, please feel free to drop me a line at jreidphoto@gmail.com.

Collective Fashion Consciousness. In need of ideas of what to have your model wear for your next photoshoot. Look no further than this website. It has helped me out a couple of times and I’m sure it’ll do the same for you should you run out of ideas.

Homepage: LookBook.nu

Vangelina by Vangie V. Carrillo
An up-and-coming jewelry designer born in and company based in Brooklyn with creations that are straight from the heart. Please check out online store to see the full line-up of products she has to offer and support this young entrepreneur.

Homepage: Vangielina’s Etsy Store | Follow on Twitter: @Evangelina84