Brooklyn Bumble


I’ve realized as a photographer that I have concentrated so much on doing photo sessions with people that it has hurt my ability to just take pictures with my dSLR for the joy of just taking photos. Something I that I’ve enjoyed doing in my beginning years of owning an SLR camera. I’ve also realized that you don’t have to travel very far in order to capture…LIFE! Don’t get me wrong, I love to go into neighborhoods away from my own because I find them visually pleasing, but sometimes you forget that there are wonderful things close to home.

This past weekend while in the backyard of where I live, I noticed a fews bee just doing what bees do when they decide they don’t wanna sting humans, grabbing pollen. So I went to my room grabbed my camera and my 90mm macro lens and starting taking pics until I realized one the preview of the last shot something was off… CARD NOT IN CAMERA. *insert face palm here*

I do what any photographer regardless of experience level would do, go back and grab up my memory card from my camera bag and try this again. Then the bee I initially saw buzzed off. In my mind I scream “CARP!” (my kid friendly version of saying crap; but then stopping screaming when I noticed two more bees. I decided to focus on the closest one and grabbed a few images of it going in and out of flowers. A bee in Brooklyn, who knew?

IMG_4820 IMG_4798 IMG_4808 13.00H.01.001-2 IMG_4818

[JRP ’13]