Dance Study: Tiana Murray

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Dancer: Tiana Murray

I feel like when I dance, parts of me come forth that can’t be revealed any other way. Sometimes dancing is the only way to do full justice to aspects of my thoughts, emotions, and person, parts of myself that are otherwise unseen, trapped in my body. Dance releases all of that into the open, and that’s where freedom is. -Tiana Murray

Although the major details of this shoot were planned and finalized earlier in the year, Tiana and I didn’t get the opportunity to do this Dance Study until this month; yet, it was worth the wait! It was great to go back to shooting ballet and having Tiana being the person to help more go back. Definitely can’t wait to get back in the lab with Tiana once more for another Dance Study after the work she put in for this session.

Big shout out to the wind that decided to make its presence felt. It wasn’t planned, and it made the temperature feel lower than it was supposed to be. Though, that wind plus the dress she had on made for some really good shots. So thank you wind, thank you kindly. Also, special thanks to Ed Peralta for allowing me use of his 15mm Fisheye lens, I LOVE THIS LENS!!!

Sidenote: As you could see in one of the photos of the set, I tried to pick up a little bit from where I left off from Chanté’s dance session with the blindfold. I say tried because that fabric of the blindfold used was more rigid and tough. It started sliding down from her face many times. Heck, I’m surprised it stayed on her face for as long as it did. I may try the blindfold concept with Tiana with the same dress at a later time, of course in less windier conditions.

[JRP ’13]