Dance Study: Wendy Hobbie

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Dancer: Wendy Hobbie

I feel that God has used dance in my life as a form of expression. I find that when I dance I am free to express what I feel without holding back or worrying about saying the wrong words. There’s a freedom to share or release that passion that lies on the inside. I feel that if I ever dance without passion I’m not “saying” it right. Dance forces me to stand out and express what’s on my heart and let go of whatever is bothering me. It’s warfare against the enemy, it’s a gift from God. It’s how I create for the Creator. -Wendy Hobbie

As of late with my photography I’ve been trying different things with my Dance Study project. One of those things is breaking away from posed shots. Yes, I still have a shot list in my mind of poses and looks that I want to execute during a session, but now I’ve been letting the dancers do their thing and capturing their movements, their emotion, their style and etc. The other thing I’ve been doing differently is photographing a dance style other than ballet. I felt like I did wanna be labeled as that dude who only photographed ballet. So in order to destroy that idea, I knew I had to continue photographing other dance styles.and not just stick to ballet.

Thankfully Wendy had skill sets other than ballet and asked her if she wanted to help a brother out; especially after hearing that she “shuts it down” whenever there is a party or function and dancing is involved, lol. We scheduled a session and got to work, and yeah…the day wasn’t too kind to us. Mother Nature decided wind and slight cool temperatures would dictate the day (although Mr. Weatherman said the day would be reasonable…) The session was cut short and it left me hungry to try again. Thankfully another opportunity would come during the same week and we scheduled once more. Immediate I looked through my images to see what worked and what didn’t, took mental notes, and then took to the web to gain inspiration. Voila!!! Everything fell into place and the images came out much better than the first set. And you know you did a great job when the subject/dancer/model/person-in-front-the-camera is in love with what you took.

Needless to say, allowing the dancer to, well, dance for an extended period of time can yield to some great images, and it allows me to study their movements and thank about different ways to enhance the session, to get ideas for future sessions, and learn more about that style of dance. Watching Wendy actually sparked another idea, but I won’t say just yet what I’m cooking up. Till then, enjoy the images from this set.

[JRP ’13]