SoHo, Where The Young Things Are

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Models: Philip Lugo & Rachel Watson

On Sunday, Phil and I got the talking, again, about something we had discussed some time ago, doing a photo session. Now this started out originally as a solo session but then quickly turned into a dynamic duo session when I saw a young lady (nearby him of course) by the name of Rachel and asked Phil if she could come along so I can include her in some shots with him. He agreed (which I hope and think that meant that she agreed), and the session was officially set. I also asked if Phil could bring his tie-swag with him (bow ties and regular ties) along with some button ups and if Rachel could bring heels (yes…of the high variety) and skirts because I had a particular look in mind.

Now, a location was needed. Some time ago, I browsed the streets of SoHo to see what areas would be a nice setting for photo sessions, and then I remembered a location. A nice brick wall on Kenmare Street with different words on it. Immediately I thought that this would be the perfect area to start the session. I’d say a majority of the session happened in SoHo, with the other part happening in Chinatown. Well, now that I think of it, more like a SoHo sandwich, because the session started in SoHo then made it’s way to Chinatown then finished up in SoHo…so yes, SoHo sandwich (copywritten!!! lol). And for those who might ask, YES, SoHo is THAT place for photo sessions, well, DUMBO is THAT THAT place for sessions, but SoHo would be a very close second; the creativity level seems to go up a few notches when working in that area.

The best part (or parts) about following through on the thought that came up to ask Phil if he wanted to shoot while he was in town for a few days was (1) I gained additional practice with photographing guys and (2) I learned that Rachel is a dancer. WHAT?!?! Can we say future Dance Study sessions with Rachel? I can. But seriously, thank you Philip and Rachel for giving some of your time (especially Phil, giving up some of your vacation time) to help me to improve my craft. And now, los photos. Enjoy!

[JRP ’13]