Dance Study: Chanté S. Rowe

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Dancer: Chanté S. Rowe

Well, with Spring being a few days away, I figured that these Dance Study photos should go up before winter is officially declared over and done. When the NYC area was hit with snow (courtesy of Snowstorm Nemo), the  thought came to mind that I could (and should) do a dance study session with said snow as the backdrop and see what the dancer could do, in pointe shoes, with the snow being on the ground. After convincing Chanté to give her pointe shoes a test drive in the snow, it was off to seeing what she could do with the snow on the ground; of course we also discovered what she couldn’t do as well, lol.

With the snow on the ground, just about any color would stand out in the images. So after seeing her red cape that she wore at the 2013 Presidential Inauguration, I know that would be part of her outfit. Originally, I thought to have her in a skirt but decided later on to just go with some skinny jeans since the skirt and the cape were not playing together nicely.

In the end, I enjoying the experience of photographing ballet in the snow. I learned that with pointe shoes and the snow creating uneven surfaces, it did make for a challenge of having the dancer stand “en pointe” and doing many poses, as well as eliminating some movement shots (well, mostly because I have reached that level of comfortability yet, nor did Chanté). I don’t know if or when we will get more snow, but I do know that I’ll be ready to tackle another snow dance session if the opportunity presents itself.

[JRP ’13]