Dance Study: Durell R. Comedy

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Dancer: Durell Comedy
Assisted by: Chante S. Rowe

“It’s difficult to express in words how important dance is to me; it’s a medium in which no words are spoken and yet, I find it speaks the loudest! When words fail, dance is one of the few means in which expression is true, timely and tenacious.” -Durell R. Comedy

Recently I had the pleasure and the opportunity to photograph my friend Durell since he was in need of some new action shots for his dance portfolio. (Thankfully it was not below 40 degrees when this session happened, lol) In the days leading up to the session I was greeted with the emotions of excitement, honored, nervousness, and inadequacy. The feeling of inadequacy was the heaviest on my heart, due to the fact the Durell has been featured in a dance book of an established dance photographer and here I am a photographer with months of dance photography experience photographing the same subject.

It got closer to the time to shoot, I thought about this: if he reached out to me to do photographs, then I must be doing something right and there is something that he saw in my previous work that prompted him to ask me. He also mentioned something else to me during the session that allowed me to stop worrying and feeling inadequate and feel like that I had what I need to be able to capture some great images. Not to mention he was singing, dancing (obviously), and cracking jokes during the entire session, that put me at ease.

When I enter a new dance session, I utilize the knowledge acquired from previous sessions and open my mind (and ears) to receive new information. Without fail I’ve learned one new thing each session, either by the dancer telling me things to be aware of on their own or by me asking the dancer what I should be looking for. This session was no different. I think I listened more this session instead of putting into practice what I already knew. I think I listened to well because now I got the phrase “CATCH IT!!! CATCH THE LOVELY DAY!!!” stuck in my head… Thanks Durell!!!

Durell was pleased with the images I presented to him and after looking through the set over and over again, I was very well pleased myself, and feeling like I can take on another challenge…just give me a few days before giving me that challenge, lol. Check out a li’l of what I did and tell me what you think!

[JRP ’13]