Over the last few days (during a break in the action that is shooting) I’ve had an opportunity to think about a few things as it relates to my blog and my current project. Some of these things I’ve thought of before, some of these things came to mind after browsing other photography related (and non-photography related) blogs, and some things to help me keep consistent in the amount of times I post during a given week or month.

My Dance Study Project. One of the things I’ve been trying to figure out in terms of the look of the final images is I should edit them based upon what is in the image, or maybe based upon the mood of the image, or a combination of the two; or, to edit them all the same way regardless of theme, location, and etc. When I started this project, initially I wanted to do the images in black and white but didn’t make a final decision if this was the route I wanted to go in. I mean, I love black and white photography, and I love the look that it gives my images, but sometimes there are some shots I feel would do better in color (or semi-saturated color as was first introduced in my session with Chante). Figuring out what to do is somewhat difficult. But then again, this is a journey so I guess I am supposed to figure this out whilst I’m making these images.

Another thing I’ve been thinking about with my dance study is do I wanna start introducing themes to my sessions and blending the themes with dance to see what I come up with, or just photograph dance in it’s simplest form and add nothing more to it. From reading magazines, talking to friends, and browsing the web for pictures and articles, I already made the discovery that emotion is a key part of dance; so I thought I’d use different emotions and feelings to have the dancers convey that though their dance styles and to capture them on digital film. I have only done one themed session in dance with Tiana and I think it turned out well, and I hope to continue doing themed sessions in the future. I guess the main concern is that doing themed session would take away from the beauty of dance and make them more like performances rather than expressions of dance.

My Blog. I’ve been really trying to figure out what more can I actually do with this blog as opposed to just posting photosets from previous sessions all the time. I’ve often played around with the following ideas (1) doing Photo Walks and posting what my eye gazed upon while walking (thankfully I’ve done this a few time but I wanna do some more); (2) writing tutorials, which I haven’t done yet and I’m somewhat afraid to because my knowledge is being put to the test, one tutorial done incorrectly (or many done incorrectly) and credibility can be lost; (3) posting only one image at a time on a consistent schedule, the idea seems pretty easy but then that will require me to get out a lot more and get some really good images, I don’t want to post pictures for the sake of posting photos, I want these photos to be really good (or even great) images. Not sure what to do, but as long as I got some ideas that I can incorporate into the blog, I guess that’s a good start.

Well, I think I’ll stop here for now and hopefully at a later time share some more of my thoughts with you. If you have any thoughts, comments, or suggestions for some of what I’ve shared feel free to let me hear them; perhaps you the readers might have some helpful feedback that might help to make this blog better. Enjoy!

[JRP ’13]