Dance Study: Chanté S. Rowe

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Dancer: Chanté S. Rowe

“When I am on my toes in pointe, I feel like someone of importance, ready to be noticed by all. I feel taller, stronger, a different person, fearless.”
Chanté S. Rowe

Continuing in my Dance Study project, I decided to do something a little bit different than what I’ve been doing up to this point. No, it’s nothing earth-shattering or ground breaking, and no, it’s not having the dancer use ballet heels once again. I wanted to focus on the feet and legs while in poses. From previous sessions with Chanté, Tiana, and the other ballet dancers, I’ve noticed the shapes that the feet would make while in pointe shoes, the curves of the arches of the feet were pretty cool. So I figured, eh, why not just concentrate on the lower half of the body for this study session; I’ve photographed full body up to this point (pun intended…) time to switch things up a bit. Up to the task (and challenge considering the weather), Chanté was ready to do different poses and have them captured to digital film.

The getting close idea came about after visiting my friend Cordell Murray to help him out for a project that he was working on. He has done a H A I R project (series of paintings and some 3D pieces as well) in which he focuses solely on the patterns and shapes that hair is capable of making in various conditions and then takes some of what he has studied and produces work. What I appreciated and liked about the project was that he focused on a part of the body rather than the whole. And sometimes in doing so, that one part could (or can) speak volumes about the whole; or at the least the one part can begin to tell a story about the whole.

I digress…
Before the session began and then confirmed whilst I was shooting, I knew that I could very much run into the possibility of having very similar feet and leg arrangements during the session. Thankfully shooting outdoors at this public park that we were in helped. The place had a mixture of curved benches and well as angular poles and seats that would either add visual interest to the images and/or enhance some of the shapes that were being created by Chanté. Plus, with knowing that I was going to convert the images to black and white, the lack of color would mean that the highlights and shadows were become a stronger feature in the images which in turn could enhance the poses and shapes that are being formed. Plus, IMHO, black and white images just seem to look sweeter, 🙂

After conducting this exercise (so to speak) with focusing on the lower half of the body, this is something that I would love to continue doing; and also to see what images might look like in different dance genres and with different individuals. The guess is that since no two dance styles and two dancers are the same, then the shapes and form created by the dancers should not be the same as well. Hmmmm… Ponder, ponder ponder. Well, whilst I ponder, enjoy some of the shapes and forms I discovered during this session. Oh, and enjoy your Valentine’s Day today…and tomorrow…and the day after that; because every day should be Valentine’s Day, not just today… Ok, I’m done…GO!!! Look at my photos 😉

[JRP ’13]