The HDR Experience


I figured during Winter Storm Nemo (it feels really weird giving winter storms names now…) it would be a good time to retry doing HDR photography. I had tried using Photoshop’s built-in HDR plugin before, however I found the results unsatisfactory and left wondering if there was another option or plug-in. Came across this program called Photomatix and I have been getting some good results thus far. Thought I’d breath some HDR life into three of my Dance Study images just to see what the results would be like. Of course I had to cheat a little bit because the original images were not bracketed… so I created virtual copies of the three images below and tweaked the exposure value on the images to make them bracketed.

What do you all think? I hope to take some more images (this time of buildings and structures) just to see what more I can do with HDR; heck I might redo my Bucky Ball HDR image I did before. And yes, the last image is a li’l sneak preview of Chanté’s most recent Dance Study session, so you might wanna stay tuned for that. Oh, and staying tuned… Six hours from this post, you’ll have another Dance Study post with cool friend Ashley O’Connor from Dance For Change. Enjoy, and if you are in the Tri-State area, be safe with this storm and get some good photos!

HDR-IMG_9224IMG_3599-2 HDR-

[JRP ’13]