Dance Study: Chanté S. Rowe


Dancer: Chanté S. Rowe
Assisted by: Kitanya Forrester

Well, I’m now into my 6th Dance Study since officially calling it “Dance Study”, and as I’ve been shooting, editing, posting, and receiving feedback I can honest say that I’m really enjoying this process and journey. Since I had no experience in dance photography and no background in dance, I viewed doing this project as a challenge and wasn’t sure if I’d rise above the challenge or if I would enjoy doing this. What’s worse, normally I have high ambitions whenever I go into a new project (whether it be conceptual or other), I’m fired up in the initial stages of the project and then somewhere along the way either any idea comes to me and the former idea gets abandoned or I reach some sort of a road block that I just can’t get myself across and then the idea dies out. This project seems to be different from that of anything that I’ve done up to this point because (1) I have no clear goal this time, which I think has made me hungry, if you will, to learn, write down experiences, experiment, and make mistakes to hopefully obtain a goal for this project, (2) I’m stepping out of my comfort zone, (3) I’m not attempting to incorporate complex ideas which could discourage or frustrate me if they do not work. What’s interesting is I could actually see myself continuing to do this study for the entire year, which was something I don’t think I was ready to say about my other projects. Of course I would mix in doing some portraits and events during the year just to take a small break and to work on other areas of my photography; but I think I have found something that I’m excited about and hope that people can see that excitement in my work.

Back to the sixth Dance Study session, I’m thankful that Chanté was able to lend a Sunday to me in order to produce some more work, and that the temperature was being somewhat cooperative. I know for certain I wanted to have brickwall from an old and opened up building in the Brooklyn Bridge Park in my images and have my dancer pose using as much of the space as possible in the images and experiment with some shots a little further away. Too bad the space inside was not available to the public… And then we relocated to the waterfront edge since there were some railings that I thought we could use as ballet bars found in studios and this proved to be a game changer for both myself and the dancer. After setting up her pose I stepped back to capture her in the full frame and part of the Manhattan Bridge was in the shot. I decided to step back some, seeing how much of the bridge I can get in the shot, and fired away. When I looked at the images I had no choice but to show Chanté the images as well. SHE LOVED IT!!! And I think from that moment on, my confidence grew, her confidence grew, and I was in the zone for the rest of the session.

So, it is with great excited that I show to you the results of this Dance Study with Chanté. Enjoy the images…oh wait! Just curious, by a show of hands, if I were to…let’s just say…make some of the images from my study available for sale, who’d be on board? Just curious! Lol.

[JRP ’13]