Take Over The Woods


Model: Kim W. Goh

This was one of those impromptu-planned photo sessions of the year 2012. I had a pretty cool idea that since I was going on the 2012 Transitions Retreat (and that I’ve never really used the woods as a backdrop) I was going to ask two of my friends (one male and female) if they could assist me in that. Photo session, in the woods. YES. *shaking head up and down for self approval* After securing the male model (aka Kimbo) I tried to acquire a female model but that proved difficult; then I scaled back the idea to just work with one model.

Also, this was one of those sessions were I was only going to get one crack at this, because after Saturday Morning (the timeframe I chose) there was not going to be another opportunity due to the scheduling and my obligations to photograph the event from beginning to end. And now that I look back on this I must of had one of my “what was I thinking moments”… I don’t wake up early!!! Lol. And of course the time of the day I wanted to shoot…was still in bed. -_______- But looking back on it, I’m glad that I did this, even if it were for a few minutes. Kimbo, I hope you enjoyed this as well sir.

Now, for some of those images… Enjoy!

[JRP ’13]