Dance Study: Chanté S. Rowe


Dancer: Chanté S. Rowe
Location(s): Central Park & NoHo in Manhattan

As the calendar year flipped it’s final pages in 2012 and a brand new set of pages were hang signaling the start of the new calendar year, it was time to flip the pages of my photography journey to it final pages of 2012 and crack open and hang a new set of pages. I have acquired some new editing and shooting skills courtesy of some successes and failures from the previous year and it was time to put some of that into practice. Especially with my dance photography. Last year provided some good lessons to learn and thankfully I got to learn from some skilled dancers (some that I’ve photographed and some that I have not had the opportunity to) and whether learning by example or verbal instruction, I have had the opportunity to file away that information. So thank you ladies and gentleman for making the photos from last year possible. And huge shout out to Durell Comedy for gifting to me the Dancers Among Us book for Christmas. That was a shot in the arm and hope to utilize that boost in my future work.

Now, onward to 2013. My friend Chante was excited about the results from the first study that we scheduled to do another one when the opportunity presented itself. Of course this meant cold weather would be invited, lol. Though it was a dance session, I thought let sneak in a pleated skirt, white button and vest (a la parochial school girl) just to see what we could come up with, in the outfit would work or not, and what movement and poses she could get from it. After all, it’s a study, and it was an opportunity to see what is in the realm of possibility. Also, I wanted to set the background in the streets of NYC to play off of the flavors of the background, her outfit, and the elegance of the dance form. I added the location of Central Park moments before shooting because of the bonus light we received because of starting earlier.

Upon completion (and almost being sold a collage of magazine clippings) I played around with some of the editing settings in post and this one combination I arrived at reminds me of the cover of an album called Trip The Night Fantastic by Soul Ballet. Ironically enough the album contains this track called Blu Girl, a song that I grew up listening to when I was finishing my teenage years, and I think to myself she is a girl and she’s technically blue because of the post-work done, this is crazy. And no, I didn’t listen to track when I made the discovery, but I will soon just to see if the two work hand in hand.

So here are some of the images of that day, as I begin my Dance Study journey in 2013. Won’t you come along for the ride?

[JRP ’13]