Careful with Cobblestones


Model: Meraris Gonzalez
Assisted by: Brittney Alvarez & Kitanya Forrester

Ah, Cobblestones. Such a beauty to behold in the streets of some of NYC’s older neighborhoods, and yet, a deathtrap to those ladies bold enough to wear their sky-high stilettos and pumps, and it is not because of a photo shoot. *salutes said ladies* But it seems in some of the inspirational photos I have in my stash, cobblestones and heels seem to be bed fellows with one other; don’t know why, but the combos seems to work very well together. So when I photographed Miss Meraris Gonzalez, I thought I’d once again utilize the same combo, and pray Mera didn’t fall over in her sky-high heels. Oh, and did you see her leather skirt and lace top. FIERCE!!!

I must point out something that will save the lives of many a photographer when preparing for a shoot, you ready? ALWAYS DOUBLE CHECK YOUR EQUIPMENT BEFORE YOUR SESSION!!! The batteries for my wireless trigger was no bueno… so for the first half of the shoot, I had to go without flash; but later on I decided to get some shots with the flash on-camera, just to see what results I got. Needless to say, it took away some of the shots that I had in my mind that I was hoping to get, however, I’ve done shots with natural lighting before so it was not all to bad. Plus it was an overcast day, a bonus. So, yeah,…check your equipment before going out and making rememberable photos…please…I’m serious,…no lie.

*clears throat* Meraris was nervous at first, especially after attempting to walk in her photo session heels and thinking she was gonna die -____-. But after a few clicks of the camera, and taking small baby steps, she became more comfortable; especially after she utilized the ground in the final few shots of the session. “Get on the floor!!!”, lol. I must say, she and the floor became great friends, and when they did her facial expressions were working like a charm. Not to mention when she showcased her set of 32s (that pearly whites for those playing at home).

And now, readers of the blog, I give to thee the images I worked on from her session. Let me know if these images made the grade! Till next post.

[JRP ’13]