Orange, Blue, and Gold


Model: Anna Thompson
Make Up Artist: Louneska Angelot (Ace of Faces)

When it comes to my friend Anna, one of the things that stick out to me is that she can sometimes be quiet, humble, and matter of fact. So when she had approached me about wanting to do some photos as a way of her doing something different, I put on my thinking cap, thought up what we could do and what outfit combos we can put together. I wanted to give her two looks for this session, one that she might be comfortable with (that could speak to her humble personality), and one will a little bit of edge to it (something outside of the box for her).

It took a while before we got the opportunity to shoot, but when the time came to take pictures we were ready to go to work and get some great images. For this session, I invited Lou to come along to do some make-up work, to give Anna some different make-up looks that she might not have been used to doing before. Not only is she a good MUA (Make Up Artist) but she laughs at my jokes, even the corny ones, which helps to calm the nerves for both the model and the photographer.

After photographing her in her first outfit, the orange and blue dress, we had her switch to her gold outfit and that’s when a though occurred to me. I wanted to have her braids in a ponytail but I wanted to experiment with a high ponytail. With nothing in our arsenal to hold up her heavy braids, a looked at one of the bracelets that Anna would wear and had Lou experiment with making that the object that would hold it up and Viola!!! It worked! Whilst that idea had worked out, Lou’s idea of using gold leafing to use for Anna’s lips sadly didn’t… But Lou had a plan B for her lips and it worked out very well.

Anna, you rock, and I was happy to be your photographer for this session. And now, the results from this session. Enjoy!

[JRP ’13]