Dance Study: Chanté S. Rowe


Dancer: Chanté S. Rowe
Behind The Scenes Photos & Assisting By: Brittney Alvarez

Because of Dance, I have found another way to express myself other than using words. I can glorify His name other than using my voice. -Chanté S. Rowe

Before the year of 2012 drew to a close, I decided to get in one more Dance Study and once again I go to a new face (really a face that I have seen before but have not had the chance to properly introduce myself and start a conversation with) and make them the subject of the study. Enter, Chanté S. Rowe, a 20-year young lady from New York City who dances for the church’s Dance Ministry.

Chanté has been doing dance since the age of 2 1/2 and has learned lyrical, hip-hop, jazz, tap, ballet and pointe during that span of time. Intrigued when she mentioned doing ballet, I investigated further about her time doing ballet. In which she responds that it had been 3 years since she’s done any ballet. When I asked her if she could call back to memory what she had learned and put that on display and she said yes, planning for this study had begun. Of course there was one slight issue, well, really, two slight issues to worry about on the day of shooting. The possibility of low temperatures (the archenemy of dancers and the muscles), and the possibility of a snowstorm. But being resourceful, I decided to move the shoot location south, well more like down, into the subway system.

With the 6 Line playing host to the session, and having my trusty assist (who was also responsible for the lovely behind the scenes photos from yesterday’s post), I was ready to go to work and Chanté was ready to make art. I would like to give credit to the Ballerina Project for inspiring me to want to do this session in the subway system by way of some of the images that are posted on their site and the Facebook Fan Page. It’s actually poetic in a way that a session about an artform that involves movement would be happening in a system that moves countless amounts of New Yorkers from destination to destination.

And now, I present to you, some of the results of my study. Hope you enjoy and see you next time!

[JRP ’13]