Simply, Steve


Model: Steven Puppo

Over the course of many photo sessions, I’ve always been asked how come I photograph women a lot. One time I think I’ve been asked how come Kimbo is the only guy that gets photographed. And after careful examination, I realized I’ve only photographed and handful of guys, within a three-year span. Problem? Not so much. However, I am realizing that perhaps it’s time to bring a balance to my portfolio and add to my skill set. Enter, Steven Puppo,  well, from here on out, call him Steve for the purpose of this entry.

I had an opportunity to work with Steve towards the end of the year in 2012, and it was a great opportunity for us to converse and get to know a bit more about each other while getting some images that he could use for his blog (conveniently named Steven Puppo) and for my blog and portfolio. A good blog I might add. Upon conversing, I got a chance to ask him about some Dubstep tracks that he’d play whenever DJ’ing at Transitions. Needless to say he has been influencing my iPod library a bit…well, a good amount. Also, the man has a great wardrobe, and a collection of awesome bowties; and they were put to use on this somewhat, kinda cool day. (Yes, when your studio is God’s green earth, the landlord can’t provide heat if it’s mid-to-late Fall or Winter)

Now about the session… This session was also another opportunity to be free of the flash and other camera equipment (reflector and additional lens) and use nature’s goodness to provide all the overcast natural lighting I needed. Perhaps if this shoot happened two years ago, I might have cringed at the idea of not using studio lights outdoors or camera flash because I thought it might be deemed “unprofessional” (or amateur looking). But I’m realizing every opportunity that I get that you can achieve some pretty good images without the use of fancy lighting equipment. You just have to know how the lighting, location, and model work hand in hand with one another, and know how to properly meter for it.

Ok, enough texts, time for some images from the day. And when you are done, pay Mr. Puppo a visit at his blog. You will like the content, especially if you are a dude 🙂

[JRP ’13]