Day And Night


Model: Blanca Benitez (Did Her Own Makeup)
Assisted by: Kitanya Forrester & Steven Puppo

I don’t know why it is, but it seems like whenever I photograph Blanca either towards the beginning or the end of year, it is usually on a day that is hella windy or cold. And they happen in the DUMBO section of Brooklyn. Hmmmmmmm… Just noticing something, don’t mind me, lol.

But it’s “cool” to know that the weather didn’t stop her from coming out and doing another photo session with me. I figured this time I’d give her two looks for this session; one that could depict a young business woman and one that could depict her off the clock. Little did I know (because of Daylight Savings no longer gracing us with her presence) that it would really be a day and night session; and by night I mean sun no longer in sky and it being dark, lol. But it worked for the outfits that were picked. 🙂

The set of images with Blanca underneath the scaffolding was when I had my a-ha moment of the session. Due to lack of natural lighting one thought did come to me, let me try using flash with her under the scaffolding. Since it was low enough I thought it might bounce the light back down onto my subject. The added bonus to this was underneath it was some metal sheeting. After I fired my first shot to see what the results would look like, I was back in business. That sheeting really helped to spread that light around, and illuminated Blanca very nicely.

Thanks to Steve Puppo for coming out to assist me. Now you know what happens during a JRP session. And as always, thanks to Kitanya for braving the elements as well and coming out to support and assist as well :* Check out some of the images from this day and tell me what you think. Enjoy.

[JRP ’13]