Dance Study: Bethany Lange


Dancer: Bethany Lange

Continuing in my journey of doing dance photography, I once again called upon a friend of mine from college and asked if she knew anyone that would be interested on helping me with getting better at dance photography, and with seeing what can be done (and not done) with it and how to capture it. She called out to one of her friends, Bethany Lange, who does ballet with and without pointe shoes and is a product of the Ailey School.

I must say, she actually challenged me to do something different then what I did the first two dance studies. She said that it would be nice to capture her without the use of pointe shoes, also saying that the results would look just as good; this would be new territory to me because most of the inspiration photos that I’ve saved onto my laptop contain ballerinas utilizing pointe shoes. I’ll admit, I automatically just equate ballet to pointe shoes and tutus. But, I quickly learned (as she started going to work) that the poses, holds, and form is just as beautiful without the use of pointe shoes.

I’m thankful for the opportunity to be able to work with her and hope that we can do it again soon once her schedule frees up. 🙂 And now, some of what I was able to capture.

[JRP ’12]