Damaris: The Unplugged Guitar Hero


Model: Damaris Guillen
Assisted by: Priscilla Guillen

After a few times of capturing images of friend and musician Damaris Guillen in her element (playing the guitar), I decided it was once again time to capture her without her guitar and just focus on her. Utilizing the NYC Subway system, and armed with an assistant who knows a li’l something-something about photography and knows a lot about her sister, I was ready to go capture her in the blood vessels of NYC.

While I had no problem with using the natural lighting of the subway system, it is important to note that when using certain locations in the city, please find out ahead of time what is allowable, what is permissible with a permit, and what is not allowed. In the case of this photo session, shooting using natural light was my only option; but since I’ve used it many a time, it was no big deal.

One station, and two stops later, here is what I was able to capture in a small window of time. I give thee, Damaris, without her guitar.

[JRP ’12]