Learning To Do More With Less


Model: Rebecca “Mariposa” Haynes (ModelMayhem)
Assisted by: Que Newman

Coming into this session I know I would be counting this one as a test shoot, simply because I wanted to see what I could do with a single Speedlite with a softbox in the outdoors at night time. After finding a nice location at Madison Square Park with this Tron-esque light sculpture that could be utilized, I decided to set up shop there and go for broke. Then that reality (of it being a test shoot) ridunkulously set in when my soft box was missing the diffusion screen necessary to produce the even, soft lighting that I needed. #photographerfail

About 15 seconds away from calling off the test shoot I remembered that this was a TEST shoot…so I decided to shoot with the flash (still off-camera) in the bounced position to see what I could get. With a trusty lightstand (aka Que), and my li’l sis Rebecca, I thought I’d play around with some settings to see what I could get. Whilst shooting, I decided to use the base of the light design (solid grey in color) as a seamless backdrop, and pulled Rebecca a few feet away from it so that the shadow that would be caused by my flash wouldn’t be as noticeable. In some cases, the shadow was still there. And since the flash doesn’t contain a model light, I had to go to my trusty flashlight to shine light on the model whenever I needed to focus.

Here are just a few images of what I accomplished during this test session, so enjoy these three final images.

*Note to up-and-coming photographers: Just because you don’t have all the tools necessary to make great images doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use what you have to produce great images.

[JRP ’12]