Three Is Never A Crowd


Models: Brittney Alvarez, Blanca Benitez, & Elizabeth Luna
Assisted by: Brittney Alvarez (when Blanca and Elizabeth were photographed) & Kitanya Forrester

When it comes to photo sessions, I’m usually good at photographing one individual during the entire session, but it becomes new territory when I want to photograph multiple people during an entire session (regardless of if it’s all together or separate). This is mostly in part because I have to readjust by brain for the next person’s particular style and personality; meaning certain poses that worked for the first individual may not work for the second, doing certain things to loosen up the model may work for one and not the other, certain backgrounds and/or accessories may work for one and not the other. And since I haven’t done this regularly, the transition can take some time. 😦

Thankfully, I had three good friends of mine who were willing to go in front of the camera to help me figure out how to make a smooth transition from one model to another to another. Originally, I was going to focus solely on Blanca, but Elizabeth was photo ready that day and decided, “Hey, why not?”. After photographing the both of them, and with a few minutes to spare (and because I noticed Brittney & Liz shared the same shoe size), I threw Brittney in front the camera and finished off the day with her as my last model.

These three friends of mine are priceless, not only because they were able to help out a brother, but because they look beautiful in front of the camera (and off camera) and they do it without having to wear compromising clothing.

Let me know what y’all think of the images (separate and together).

[JRP ’12]