The Dapper Brooklyn Girl


Model: Olivia Bellard

After having done two photo sessions with the quirky, talented, and fun Miss Olivia Bellard, I thought I’d see if I could get a third session with her before the year ended. Some weeks after our last session that third opportunity happened (happy dance!). After see showed me her necktie and suspenders that she brought for the last session (which he didn’t get a chance to use), I thought we would make that the outfit o’the shoot, adding in a nice white button up, some jeans, sparkly silver heels and Brooklyn Heights as the backdrop.

Just a little side note: I remember the second time photographing Olivia she showed up with a suitcase. This made me think of a few others who have done the same and just know whenever someone shows up with a suitcase, ITS. ABOUT. TO GO. DOWN. Well, that and my mind goes into overdrive trying to think of outfit/location combinations.

Back to the post… This go around, I left the reflector, the flash, and just focused on using natural resources such as the sun and clouds as my light source and diffuser, and waited for the magic of golden hour to do it’s job. What’s cool about Olivia is when her quirky personality shines through, not much direction is need, you can capture greats images of her with ease. It’s always fun to have her in front of the camera, not so much because I get the opportunity to take photos of her, but to also have the opportunity to chat with her and crack jokes (even when the shutter button goes off).

Check out some of what I was able to capture. Thanks again Olivia for lending me some of your time to achieve these images.

[JRP ’12]