Model: Natasha Haight
Make Up By: Blanca Benitez
Assisted By: Kitanya Forrester

Recently, I had another opportunity to work with my good friend Natasha in a photo session that took place in front of Brooklyn’s Borough Hall. The location was purely accidental, mostly because we met up a little bit later in the day and since Daylight Savings Time has ended the sun goes into hiding earlier; the location was closer than my first location that I had in mind. The location actually worked out rather nice with the outfit that Natasha was going to utilize; well, at least the outfit we put together semi-last minute.

One thing that helped was once I knew the new location I would use, I had in my mind what I wanted the final images to look like; something that I struggled with before. I think it always helps when you (as a photographer) know what you want your final images to look like, then you know what shots to get (the angle of the shot, the focal length you want to use, what you want or don’t want in your background/foreground). There is a saying on a television station local to Brooklyn that does weather and traffic reports and their slogan is “Know Before You Go”, my slogan I’d want to share with you is “Know Before You Shoot”. It will save you time and head/heartache.

Check out these final images thanks to my model Natasha, my lovely assistant Kitanya for keeping Natasha in check (lol) and relaxed and my MUA Blanca (Ms. Benitez, please start a blog so folks can see what good work you do).

[JRP ’12]