Dance Study: Sarah Castor


Model: Sarah Castor
Assisted by: Mohan Bell

dream sequence is a technique used in storytelling, particularly in television and film, to set apart a brief interlude from the main story. The interlude may consist of a flashback, a flashforward, a fantasy, a vision, a dream, or some other element.

After success with doing a photo session fusing dance and fashion with Sarah Castor, I had scheduled another session some time after using the setting of Central Park with capturing more of the same (in case you didn’t see Sarah’s last set, you can view it here). I’m thankful she said yes, even though she knew se would have to endure Ballet Heels again. For this session I asked if my homeboy Mohan could come along and give his input because I wanted to grab some shots outside of the fashion/beauty shots that I was going to get during the day. Shots that would require some emotion and feeling, mixed in with her dance skills. After getting some silhouettes and beauty shots of Sarah, now it was time to go to work with capturing some shots that evoked emotion and feeling.

Originally, I didn’t intend for the final images to have a dreamy glow add to them but once I decided on what the title for this post would be I decided let me play around with image just to see how it would look. Mind you, the images were edited and ready to go; the only the prevented from posting was I entered one of the images from the session into a photo contest and the language of the contest rules weren’t to clear about posting/publishing, so to play it safe I didn’t post images until I knew the results. I digress… The result of editing the one photo led me to edit the other eight. Plus, I thought it was fitting given the direction Mohan had given Sarah during the session.

So, is she stuck in a nightmare begging to be woken up from? Is this a reality in which she is reaching to obtain something or someone? What is she receiving? What is causing her these emotions? What is the Dream Sequence here at work? Let’s start a conversation shall we.

Edited 1.26.13: Decided to move this post into the Dance Study category. Former title of this entry was “Dream Sequence”.

[JRP ’12]