Energy Orb


Going on photo walks are very fun and interesting, depending on where you walk. But I am learning that unplanned photo walks can be just as interesting; especially when you don’t plan on doing on and bump into something magnificent! On a Monday evening in which a photo session was rescheduled due to a prior commitment by my model, I decided to check out Uniqlo to obtain some new sweaters that I could use during the winter months. It was from there I decided to walk down 5th avenue just to get my steps in and pick up the train from the 14th Street area. But around 23rd street, I was stopped by a bright and shiny object, and I decided let me go check it out.

The bright and shiny object, or I should call it artwork, that I stumbled upon belongs to the artist named Leo Villareal ( and it called the Bucky Ball ( The part that is pretty cool about the installation is that there are wood reclining benches that surround the artwork, so you can sit down and enjoy the lightshow. While reclining, I noticed a few other photographers in the area checking it out and taking pictures, so after reclining and Instagramming the image of the ball I proceed to grab some images for myself.

Just a note: the final image in this set was an attempt at doing HDR photography. I think I still have a lot more to learn about doing HDR photos well, but hopefully this attempt was a good attempt. Hopefully before the year is up I’ll go back and take more photos so I can attempt some more HDR images of the structure. If you have the opportunity to go, check it out before it comes down in 2013. Also, check out the artist’s website to see what else he has done and what he’ll be up to next. Enjoy the photos, and whatever photo-walks you decide to go on.

[JRP ’12]