Balance Is Key


Model: Blanca Benitez (Model Did Her Own Makeup)

Before the season officially changed from Summer to Fall, I thought I’d get my last few uses out of Central Park before it becomes “too cold” to photograph my friends/models outdoors. I wanted to continue experimenting with natural light and how to make it work well for me; and to make the images look just as good (or better) than using strobe and off-camera flash. Thankfully Blanca was up to the task, well, until I told her she’d have to conquer ballet heels for a photo shoot. She actually threatened to not speak to me for a while for making her do so…that lasted for about a few seconds at most, I think I lost count at 5.

After applying makeup and getting into outfit, she tip toed ever so gingerly into her position and began the process of capturing images. Standing and sitting, then more standing then more sitting. Whilst taking breaks, while she “attempted” to not talk to me for a few seconds at a time I think she was satisfied with the images we were getting (not so much satisfied that she had to stand in those shoes, lol). After finishing up in the park, we took our act towards the Staten Island Ferry area in Manhattan and finished up. And, yes, her hair did not magically float, that would be the wind picking up her hair and tossing it about, lol.

Thanks again Blanca for enduring those (as Natasha lovely calls them) contraptions and awesome job on the makeup. And now, the photos, enjoy!

[JRP ’12]