Safety First When Operating Bicycle


Model: Sarah Louison
Make Up By: Louneska Angelot
Assisted By & Bike Provided By: Critter Hernandez

So what does any young teenage girl do when they turn the big 18? Simple, I don’t know. Lol. But I had the opportunity to photograph a good friend of mine (really, I should say she is like family because her family make me feel like family anytime I come over) Sarah after she reached the milestone of Elegant Eighteen. Fresh off of photographing her pre-prom activities and festivities, I thought she should also have her first photo session done. Thankfully she agreed and it was off to figuring out how to make it happen. I had my MUA secured a few days before shooting and on the day of shooting was greeted with a surprise; my other friend Critter (MUA of the Desiree photo session) tagged along and brought her John Lennon glasses and her bicycle. Little did I know that these items could prove useful.

After firing off a couple of shots and realizing at some point that Sarah was still very new to doing portrait style photography and still some what nervous, she suggested we incorporate (or steal) Critter’s bike and glasses, and after that, I think we were golden. And yes, she did attempt to ride down the street on a bike in 6″ heels… And only fell once. SKILLS! After that ideas were flowing and the early jitters she had disappeared. Now I get to present to you the end result of her first session. Enjoy!

[JRP ’12]