Dance Study: Ashley O’Connor and Kaysen Harlow


Dancers: Ashley O’Connor and Kaysen Harlow (From Dance For Change:
Assisted by: Kitanya Forrester

During the start of this journey in photographing dance, my good friend William Coles (co-founder of Dance for Change) presented me with the opportunity to come to a dance class and grab some shots. It was in this class that I met Ashley and asked her if she’d be willing to go in front of the camera; thankfully she said yes and after grabbing some impromptu shots we planned a day to do photos in Central Park. On shooting day she asked if her friend can come along and that’s when I met Kaysen, and that’s when I’d get to experiment with photographing two dancers at the same time. I’m still very new with photographing two people in the same shot and sometimes I’ll experience trouble with setting them up, but it helped knowing that the both of them knew each other and were able to feed off of each other’s energy. And with a trusty assistant and motivator by my side, I knew things we turn out ok, :).

Below are the results from photographing them together and separate, going into different poses in the park as well as exploring what they could do in an arched space in the underpass of a bridge. I am enjoying this journey, and definitely enjoying sharing these images of that journey. Till next post.

[JRP ’12]