Dance Study: Jane Alexandria King


Dancer: Jane Alexandria King
Assisted by: Samantha Johnson, Claire Guthrie, Brittney Alvarez, & Sarah Louison

As I start my journey into dance photography, I’m excited to see what dancers (of various disciplines and backgrounds) can do with their gifts in different settings (sometimes in traditional or non-traditional dance clothing) and what the body can or can not do (so that I know what is in the realm of possibility). Also, through this journey I hope to form bonds with the dancers that I photograph. I hope it will add some new dimensions to the photographs while getting to know them as creatives and friends so that we can encourage one other in this journey called life.

So without further ado, I would love to introduce you to Ms. Jane Alexandria King, currently a student at the Alvin Ailey school, gifted with the ability of dance, in some ballet poses whilst utilizing the spaces of Central Park and the Promenade in Brooklyn in a span of two days.

Enjoy the results, and prayerfully, to be continued…

[JRP ’12]