The 3D Experience (Three D’s for the first, middle, and last name)


Model: Desiree D.
Assisted by: Sarah Louison
Make Up by: C Her Makeup (Critter)

Out in the streets of TriBeCa I was able to work with a friend o’mine who I wanted to get in front of the camera (although she was very, very nervous) and another friend o’mine who is starting out as a makeup artist. The plan simple, to get some more practice in and get more comfortable with using off camera flash in my photography. Oh, did I mention that the dreaded heelless shoes returned as well, *insert evil laughter here* LOL! The bonus of this particular shoot was I got to work on a street that I’ve seen in publications before but had no idea where it was until I went on one of my photo walks.

Thanks again to Critter for doing the make up for this session as well as being patient for the final results to make its way to the blog. Also to Sarah for being a light stand and a mobile reflector (REFLECT!!!) Enjoy!

[JRP ’12]