Friday, On A Tuesday


Model & Makeup: Stephanie Friday
Assisted by: Brendan Manning

It has been WAY too long since I have utilized this blog; I’ve putting more of the time into building a portfolio that can one day be showcased either on this blog or for when I finally get website. Also, been in back and forth debate with myself if I want to change the format of how I utilize my blog; meaning if it would be used to show more behind the scenes images from my shoots, photo walks showcasing street photography, or I continue to keep true to current format. But, for now, I’m back to showcase another round of images that I’ve been working on during the summer time.

Here are some images from a session I did with Stephanie Friday, literally a day before she had to board a plane to the Midwest. Oh, and thanks Brendan for the assist, your timing was perfect bumping into Steph before the session. Till the next update…hopefully some time soon.

[JRP ’12]