The Southern Style Fairytale


Model: Stacie Fields
Assisted by: Kitanya Forrester and Joshua Redfield
Special Appearance by: Stacie’s Peach Deep Inside Her Bag

Just let the record show, and Kitanya and Joshua can testify to this, because of the closet/wardrobe that Stacie has (half of which can fit into a bag) she had the pieces necessary to do a urban-style Snow White themed shoot; although the original plan was to just do some portraits. After shooting Stacie in the first outfit (which at some point in time I’ll showcase either in my portfolio or on social media) we started prepping for the Snow White outfit and I immediately think of the following “how come I don’t have an apple?”, and then I remembered that Stacie randomly had a peach in her bag. Normally this would not have worked in normal circumstances, peach instead of apple??? But Stacie is a southern girl, and they do love their peaches in the south, so it seemed to work perfectly for this session. And with that, the 2nd half of the session was on it’s way and images were produced and now the final result…

[JRP ’12]