The Heel-Less Diva


Model: Natasha Haight
Make Up By: Louneska Angelot (Ace of Faces)
Assisted By: Ronnie D. & Joshua Redfield

I can still hear the phrase repeated over and over again, “what did I get myself into” from Natasha when I told her about the look and location, the fact I was using a make-up artist, the fact I had a model coach ready for her, and (as always) the shoes she was going to use, lol! Usually when one utters those words, you do everything in your power to assure them that it will be okay by using words of affirmation, speaking in the positive, and ensuring them that cookies will be present, lol. And you especially do it if they are going to have to navigate in heel-less shoes and they don’t wear heels that often.

At first she seemed pretty overwhelmed by what was going to take place as the days approached, but then later relaxed a bit and then when it was lights, camera, action, she shined and shined bright! I think what helped a lot was the fact that she prepped for the shoot by looking at images in magazines, watching Top Model, and gaining inspiration from the Internet. Well, that and the fact she had at least two familiar faces on set, then gained two more familiar faces afterwards.

This shoot allowed me to work with natural light once more. Thought about incorporating flash somehow, but it became an overcast day real quick and decided to just go on ahead and take advantage of it. Why not?!

I think I enjoyed this session a lot; the laughter, the images, the time spent together as a team, these are the little things that help to make for great images. Thanks again to Ron for helping Natasha with poses and facial expressions, and to Josh for just…being Josh and holding the reflector when needed, y’all rock. Now, the photos, enjoy.

[JRP ’12]