Treasure in Trash


Model & Make Up: Blanca Benitez
Assisted by: Kitanya Forrester

From the start I must point out that this session isn’t one of my “there must be deep meaning in this session” sessions or “this has to be one of J.Reid’s conceptual” sessions. This one was done because of a follower of Blanca’s on Instagram. Her follower said that she’d still look wonderful even while wearing a garbage bag. I saw the end result of the “challenge” and told Blanca we are going to have to do this for real.

Thankfully, some of the streets of Brooklyn provided the backdrop necessary to give the look that I was going for, complete with more garbage bags, shredded paper that was hither and yon, and a building in which the first floor space is being worked on Sadly, this does mean this is one more street that is not clean in my borough of Brooklyn. *Kanye Shrug* At the least, we were being environmental conscious because once the bag/dress is done, you can dispose of trash easily by tying off the bottom and putting said trash out lol.

So then why my title of “Treasure in Trash”? It doesn’t matter if someone has thrown you to the curb, treated you like trash, or thinks you are worthless, there is always someone else who will see your true value and appreciate it and consider you a treasure. So on that note, this session officially is a conceptual shoot, lol. Now view the photos, enjoy!

[JRP ’12]