Bowtie Swag


Modeling and Make-Up By: Ronnie D.
Assisted By: Sarah Louison

With an opportunity to photograph the talented (and yes,…still retired) model Ronnie D., I thought it’d be an opportunity to finally photograph her wearing a Bowtie and (yes) some comfortable shoes. But of course I did have a second outfit in mind to incorporate the use of heels, but thankfully for her, her favorite and most comfortable pair.

No tricks or elaborate themes for this one, just simply Ronnie’s style of dress and demeanor on display in front of the camera; a relaxing photo session if you will. After doing this session I realize that I may need to increase my collection of Bowties; there is something about bowties versus regular ties. I digress…enjoy the photos from Ronnie’s latest session and see ya on Tuesday for some more photos. Cheers!!!

[JRP ’12]