Simply, Olivia


simplicity |simˈplisitē|
• the quality or condition of being easy to understand or do
• the quality or condition of being plain or natural
• a thing that is plain, natural, or easy to understand

Simplicity, sometimes that word doesn’t exist for me when it comes to doing photo sessions or conceptual shoots. Usually, I like to incorporate very unique locations, very unique outfits (and yes to the Nisla and Khasi screaming in the back, this also includes very unique and towering high heels for female models), and very different themes or ideas for the session. But there are times in which a simple approach is necessary when doing a photo session. Let’s face it, if you excel at doing the complex and very elaborate things, what happens when you get called upon to do the simple? One must learn how to do both in order to be successful in one’s own trade.

Simply put (like the word play ^^), Olivia was the subject in front of my camera for a photo session in which I wanted to take the simple approach. No color, limited amount of makeup, simple skirt turned into a dress, and a wonderful location to work with. During the session, while I had a few poses and shots in mind, once I set Olivia up (or sometimes she’d set herself up), I would just let her be in front of the camera, with the exception of a few shots. For me, I guess being simple during a shoot would mean just letting the model explore the possibilities of being in a pose or just interacting with the camera. Lesson learned during this session.

Now, the best part, viewing some of the images from this session. Enjoy.

[JRP ’12]