Breaking Bread with the Benitezs


Models: Berenise Benitez & Blanca Benitez
Make-up by: Blanca Benitez
Assisted by: Neeshell Ford, Rebecca Haynes, & Erika Henry

Wonder what ever happens when “Reality TV” meets reality? Well, in this case, a photo session idea is born. Now most of you who have seen my blog have seen images of Miss Blanca Benitez (shameless plug: up-and-coming model); but did you know that she has a sister? Well, her sister, Berenise, came up with a suggestion that I should do a session with some members of the Benitez family a la “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”. I laughed at first because of the ongoing jokes that Blanca, Berenise, and myself have about them being particular members of the Kardashian family. But once the laughter subsided, I was like, “yes, let’s do this shoot!” A few months later, the opportunity to shoot came to pass; well, minus one member of the Benitez family lol.

Special shout out to Ed Peralta of Edify Studios for allowing us the opportunity to use his studio space for this epic session when the weather outside had changed for the worse. You are that dude!!! (And yes, I would like to use that new lens of yours, lol!) And thank you my assisting team for holding equipment and providing numerous laughs allow the way and some pretty great ideas. Now, enjoy some of the images from the shoot and remember, Breaking Bread with the Benitezs > Keeping Up with the Kardashians. LOL!!!

[JRP ’12]