iWalk, For Photos


When you have a bag full of the tools necessary to execute a photo session but the photo session needed to be rescheduled, what do you do? That’s right, wish the day was over and forget that you brought your stuff with you…WRONG!!! You at least use your camera to grab some images of things in your travels. This past Tuesday, I decided to arm myself with my 50mm lens (then I switched to my 18-200mm), some confidence, and a Jamba Juice, to do a photo walk! Walking from 34th Street and 5th Avenue down to Washington Square Park, I was looking for something that would catch my eye and the camera’s eye as well. Granted, I didn’t capture that many images along the way, but once I got to Washington Square Park, that all quickly changed. Washington Square Park, like Union Square Park, offers its fill of street performers and I focused my camera on two sets of performers. A quartet of musicians with stringed instruments and a dance group called “The Six of Us”. Let me tell you…after seeing the dancers perform, my mind had soooooo many photo session ideas that I wanna do; SOOOOOO MANY!!! *ahem* I won’t give away my ideas just yet, but know I will work hard on planning and executing them, 😉

After taking this photo walk, I think I am going to take a few more of these before the summer is over and post my findings on my blog. It definitely offers a nice and refreshing break from planned out photo sessions and conceptual shoots. Now, I’ll hush up so you can enjoy the images. Till next time!

[JRP ’12]