Three “Pointe”s, But Need A Conclusion


Hopefully every one enjoyed their 4th of July celebrations, and that the BBQs (and the food) are on point. Thought I’d use this opportunity to actually update the blog with an entry that is actually more words than photos since, let’s face it, this is a blog, lol.

But anywho, about a month ago I had the opportunity to photograph Ms. Sarah Castor, who by the way is a wonderful dancer, at Central Park in a continuation of a photo session we started early May (see Sarah’s On Pointe post). I started the session by shooting some silhouettes of her against a column in the Bethesda Terrace (yes, in Ballet Heels), and when I started to review the images in post-production a thought came to mind. The thought of that since these are silhouettes of some ballet poses, maybe I could sell these images (so that they may one day grace the walls of your homes). I picked three images of the set that I felt were the strongest of the crop and did a little editing of them.

Now, comes the question I’ve yet to answer: Do I sell the three of them in one frame as a triptych, sell them as individual pieces, or both. And if I do go the triptych route, in which order shall I place the images in? Of course, after that comes which frames do I want to place them in, final price of images, and where to sell, but that I can figure out at a later time of my choosing.

What say you blog viewer? Love to hear you thoughts and comments. This is the order I thought about; does it work, or does another combination work?

Well, back to the week ahead. Happy Thursday people! 🙂

[JRP ’12]