The Power of Words


Model & Makeup by: Marian Amo
Assisted by: Erika R. Henry

I recently had the opportunity and the privilege to photograph a friend of mine from my church community who is a spoken word artist that uses the power of words to get people to think beyond the surface of various topics. This would be my first time shooting a spoken word artist as this would be her first time in front of the camera in an actual photo session. Nervous on the stage, nah!!! Nervous in front of the camera, yeah. While the weather had altered the initial concept that I had for the session (and it was a pretty darn good concept if I can say so myself), it’s amazing what you can do with a Sharpie and the palms of the model’s hand. Just goes to show you that another concept is probably somewhere in your bag and in your mind and you need to have it ready when your initial concept changes. Never get bummed out before or during a shoot if things change, take those lemons given to you and make some Avant Garde sparkling lemonade, lol!!!

Enjoy the photos and see you at the next entry.

[JRP ’12]