Sarah Is On Pointe!


Make-Up by Khasandra Daly
Assisted by Tina Powis

About one year ago, I approached my friend Sarah, a very talented dancer, with a photo idea that I had utilizing a very interesting item of clothing known to the whole as … wait for it, Ballet Heels. Yes, those things that have adorned the feet of Beyonce Knowles in one of her music videos and looks like the birth child of a ballet dancer’s points shoe and Christian Louboutin. Sarah graciously agreed but we didn’t get the opportunity to execute last year. Enter 2012. With many a shoot idea floating about in my head, I remembered that Sarah still had the ballet heels; why not attempt the session this year? One text message conversation later, we scheduled to do the photos in the glorious (but somehow windy and unseasonably warm) month of April. *Mr. Burns voice* Excellent!!! *end voice impersonation*.

I leave you with the images that were transfered from my mind, to my camera, to this site. Oh, and Sarah, in the words of the great western philosopher Fatima “The Brooklyn Lotus” Dosso, “YOU BETTA DO IT!!!!!!!” *two snaps*.

[JRP ’12]