Blanca, Translated It Means Golden


Gold-ish colored jacket: check; Gold reflector: check; Golden Friends as assistants: check; a Golden Friend as model: check. You would think I had Goldfinger on set and had him touch everything to turn it gold, lol. And no, for those still reading the title of this entry, Blanca does not translate to golden, but it should. Blessed to once again be able to photograph Ms. Blanca Benitez on a day that provided overcast lighting and direct sun lighting; this is why it’s always good to walk with a reflector 🙂 It was tough finalizing the outfit selection with Blanca but she made it work, good job Blanca! Definitely safe to say that if she ever needs a Comp Card, she definitely has enough photos to put together one; but of course, these photo sessions of her won’t end. As long as I require practice, she’s definitely a go to person. Of course, the merry men of Ratchet were all the assistants I needed for this one, so shout out to Mohan, Jonathan, and Herby. for helping out a brother and managing the equipment and providing comic relief throughout the day. Special shout-out to Herby for managing that reflector and completely owning it!

Of course my favorite quotes of the shoot comes from Mohan (one of my trusted assistants, soon to be a creative director) when he asks Blanca, “are you going hiking in those shoes?” (please refer to her footwear in the photos, lol.) Thanks to Andreana for the assist with that pair.

I’ll end here and let the photographs do the talking from here on out, but truth be told, when you have some awemazing (new word to the blog) friends, treat them well, show your appreciation for them, and never let those relationships die; PLEASE!!!

[JRP ’12]