Kimbo, Now 25% Blonde!



In somewhat of Deja Vu, or in some sort of tradition, my friend Kimbo Goh is usually the first male model I photograph at the beginning of the year; this has now held true for two straight years. And seeing as how he is the first guy I’ve photographed this year, we must make his new photo session different from the last one. Kimbo was already well ahead of the gameplan; how you ask? By putting a blonde streak right down the middle of his hair… moment of pause to reflect and think about this one. *selah* Really though, he did the blonde streak for an annual Christmas party at our Young Adult ministry at our church called the Black and White party. It took a lot of people by surprise when we laid eyes upon it. When he got his hair recolored at the beginning of the year, he requested that it be photographed. *challenged accepted* Well, the hair and himself, lol.

Armed with my trusted Canon Rebel XSi with 90mm f/2.8 macro lens, two “crazy” assistants in Jonathan and Mohan, my light meter, and God’s gift to photographers (the wonderful and revered overcast day), we went straight to work… of course with tons of laughter not to far behind (this is what happens when your two assistants are named Jonathan and Mohan). I loved how the lens performed at the f/2.8 setting. I haven’t used this f-stop (on an autofocus lens) since taking classes at City College, and or playing around with my friend’s 24-70mm L f/2.8 lens; so it felt good to go back to it. Plus, it helped to blur out the background in some situations; very helpful for a majority of the shots.

Please note the bow tie on young Kimbo’s neck, this would happen to be the handy-work of one Aubresha Nurse (founder, creator, life-giver, insert synonym of the previous three words here, of Start from Scratch). Do note, that if I shamelessly plug someones craft into my post/entry, then that means I support them; TRUST!

Please enjoy the photos to follow and allow let me know which of these photos work the best, which of these need some work on, and other comments and critiques. Ciao!

[JRP ’12]