The First Day of Spring and The First Day of Brittney The Model


With the official arrival of spring (not counting the days before March 20-whatever when we had a global warming preview), comes the opportunity to shoot a lot more utilizing the great outdoors of the city. It seems that in the absent of a photo studio I have gotten better at shooting outdoor photography; which is awesome considering I feared shooting outdoors because of the changing lighting conditions and figuring out poses. With the first day of Spring here, it also marked, for Brittney, the official first day of her modeling career; or at least her first time being in front of the camera for portraits. 🙂

This photo session also marks the end of the my use of the Hasselblad 80mm lens (with the help of lens adapter). While manually focusing has been a joy and allows me the time to slow down and think about what it is I want to photograph, let’s be real; without the aid of a split-focusing screen in my camera, sometimes focusing can take for days and sometimes you fall outside of the window of opportunity to take photos. That lens will definitely be used again in conjunction with my Hasselblad 500C film camera, hopefully during the summer, as I got some medium format rolls of film to utilize. ^^

With Central Park as the backdrop and Gregory Bastien as the assistant, here is Ms. Brittney Alvarez in two photo looks. Enjoy!!!

[JRP ’12]