Imōto-Chan Returns For Photos


As I finish editing this set of photos I come to an interesting conclusion, that whenever I photograph Rebecca the temperature is either cold, it’s windy, or some interesting combination of the two (thankfully no hurricane force winds were involved, lol). But one thing is for sure, good laughs and fun times are always very much present. That and it’s another opportunity to see Rebecca titer-toter in heels on cobblestone streets, lol!

As for the photography, it was another great opportunity to get some practice in with a really good friend and to put some things into practice that I learned from either photography magazines, the photography community online, talking to friends (photogs and non-photogs), and books I’ve been reading. The gear used was very simple for this one; my Hasselblad 80mm lens with Canon mount, a light meter, and mother nature providing clouds to produce overcast lighting. One thing I’m learning about this craft of photography, I love the idea of practicing because it allows me to experiment, make mistakes, and fix those mistakes when I make them; it’s very cool to get that “time in the gym”, because I know that it will make me a better photographer.

Without further-a-do, please enjoy this set of images of Rebecca. If you like the images, have questions, critiques, etc., please feel free to leave them here. See ya for the next photo entry!

[JRP ’12]