The Cellist Turned Violinist


More than a year ago (2010) I had the privilege of photographing my friend Amina (aka S.I.S. -> Staccato in Stilettos) playing the cello for our first photo session together; this marked the first time I actually did a photo session photographing a model playing an instrument will posing for photographs as well (as well as the first time I have seen the cello up close). Since then I have been able to photograph one other string instrument, being the guitar thanks to Damaris. Now in 2012, I thought it was time to call up S.I.S. to do another session, although when I heard that she had a violin in her arsenal I had no choice but to say “please and thank you!!!” And the planning begun.

I had a few images in my mind of how I wanted S.I.S. with the violin (even a bonus idea popped up into my mind while taking a set of images). And I must say the images turned out very nice. But I’ll let you decided. Thanks to Kitanya, ever faithful assistant, and to the person who gifted S.I.S. with the AWESOME violin, making the shoot possible. Enjoy the images!!!