Imitation, The Best Form Of Getting Better…I Mean Of Flattery


Source of Inspiration For Last Photo Session

Lately I’ve found myself browsing through magazines (be it digital or analog) looking for something to inspire me, something to give me a swift kick in the rear to do better as a photographer, something to challenge myself. Then the idea hits me; why not attempt to recreate an image that I see in a magazine? It would force me to think about what elements are necessary to pull the shot off and how to go about executing it. Thanks to Kitanya, she gave me her sister’s magazine to have and to hold, the image on the left was the image that I set out to recreate (on some level). Seemed pretty straight forward, the use of one light (perhaps harsh lighting or semi-soft lighting), a background that contained Ivy or some sort of greenery that is similar, and a model in a dress and heels. Simple and easy… right?

Well, the lighting wouldn’t be a big issue as I used my Canon Speedlite 430EZ (older model but in manual mode with the use of a light meter, just like studio lights), I attached a Lumiquest LTp Softbox to soften the light. The model was a big issue either, good friend Blanca was more than happy to assist by being in front of the camera; with Kitanya assisting both myself and the model. But the section of Brooklyn I last remembered there being patches of Ivy were gone… It seemed all hopes of recreating the image was dashed…until I noticed a small section of Ivy that remained. (Missed a spot, HA!!!) And then it was off to the races.

I would like to thank Blanca for allowing me to photograph her once more, and give props to Kitanya for assisting me this go around and props to Blanca for doing a good job on her own makeup. Now, without delay I present thee photos.

Oh, before I official end the entry, I had to post this other image. It was part of the “recreation” exercise, but I thought it was pretty good…

[JRP ’12]