To The Right, To The Right (Seriously, Look Right)


I know some people are looking at the title of this entry and are wondering, Remix Much? If you are much confused about the reference, please refer to Beyonce’s song in which there is a part she belts out, “To The Left, To The Left”. But as I digress, once in a while, during the process of editing, I’ll notice something about a particular photo session. Sometimes it’s something small, sometimes it’s something interesting; and after completing images of Karen I realized that the five images I’ve selected for this entry, she looking to the right…LOL!!! I’m sure most of it comes from directing her to look off in that direction and the other part just happenstance.

For her first session she did a very good job and more importantly when reviewing the images, she loved them!!! And as an added bonus, the images (unedited) exceeded her expectations; which was very good to hear and increased my confidence by a couple of points. Well, now both Karen and the world now gets to see the edited results. For these images I played around with a very cool film filter  in Photoshop for each of the five images just to give it a li’l artistic flare. Tell me what you think. Magazine quality images? Successful images? Comments and constructive criticism welcomed. Till next time!