The Swiss-Army Knife…of the Model World


Sometimes you meet people who can model, sometimes you meet people who can do make-up very well, sometimes you meet people who can help coach models into different poses, but RARELY (or at least in my case) do you meet people who can do all three. Well, I’m lucky and blessed to know one individual who is like a rare Pokemon, talented and gifted and can only be caught with a Master Ball. … Sorry for the Pokemon references for those who’ve yet to play the game. Filling in for another friend of mine, Ronnie just goes in front of the camera and photos just happen, lol. And I’ve told her this, she makes post-production almost non-existent because of her make-up abilities (it’s like she using Fotoshop by Adobe, oh, after this entry you have got to see that video; Fotoshop by Adobe). Oh, and another highlight to the day, for Ronnie, scoring a pair of heels for the session from, at all places, PAYLESS (on sale for $17,99 w/o tax). After that, Ronnie was on Cloud 9 and levitating over the cobblestone streets,…okay, the Cloud 9 part might have been exaggerated, oh maybe the levitating part, hmmmmm……

Thank you again Ronnie for another set of outstanding photographs and an opportunity to get better as a photographer. Here are some more images and see you next posting.